The program

SPEED II is a Prokilowatt program offering subventions for companies wanting to optimize their electric drives, such as ventilators or pumps. Our aim is to replace or optimize equipments in order to render them more efficient and reduce the wasted energy.

The target

This Web platform has a simple mission: promote the program and help companies accessing the subvention faster. This mission can be completed through the following features:

  • A quick assessment tool to check a single equipment (without creating an account)
  • A project-oriented tool to request a subvention based on multiple equipments (require an account)
  • A tool to help you priorize equipment optimization in case you need guidance (without creating an account)

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Program financed by:

The action is supported by the ProKilowatt incentive program under the direction of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

The organization carrying the program is Planair SA, engineering and consulting office specialized in the energy efficiency and renewable energy domains.

You can get more information about SPEED II on this page of our company website.

Contact us for any question you could have regarding the SPEED II program:

c/o Planair SA
Rue Galilée 6
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

024 566 52 03